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The Mexican Energy Reform

About This Course

The Mexican government started implementing a series of institutional reforms in December 2013. One main government target was the energy sector and a package of energy reform legislation became law in the country, ending the 75-year-old monopolies held by two state-owned companies– Pemex and CFE.

The government set out a process of making the energy sector more competitive, lower cost and environmentally sustainable, by amending Mexico's constitution and allowing private investment in both the petroleum (oil & gas) and the electricity sectors

The effects of the Reform are starting to be seen. Mexico is already attracting private investment by new foreign and national participants bringing the capital and technological expertise required to reinforce the Mexican energy industry. The Reform aims ultimately at helping the government maximize oil and gas revenues and guarantee a stable economic growth in the decades ahead.

Many opportunities are open now for companies to do business along the entire energy value chain, but they need to analyze the new energy environment, carefully assess the risks, evaluate their potential competitive advantage, define an entry strategy –be it going alone or through partnerships with local or other international players– and implement accordingly.

This course intends to explain the fundamentals of the Mexican Energy Reform and the new opportunities that are already arising in the country


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Course Staff

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Mauricio Davila
(Course Coordinator)

As Co-founder and Managing Director of EnerChemTek, Inc., Dr. Mauricio Dávila oversees all management activities of the company, including the firm’s natural gas/LNG and petrochemicals technical advisory services, as well as all the web-based services such as an online corporate training platform (EnerChemTek Academy), and interactive databases, market simulation models and polyolefins process technologies (EnerChemTek Analytics). Mauricio has more than 20 years of experience and has been recently a technical advisor devising feedstock and raw materials purchasing strategies for North American petrochemical players, and has advised in four different international projects involving evaluating the global natural gas/LNG value chain from source to final consumer for utilization in the oil refining, power generation, industrial, and transportation sectors in North and Latin America.

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