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Drilling Fluids Market in Mexico

About This Course

In 2014 the Mexican Congress passed a comprehensive Energy Reform that opened Mexico͛s energy industry (oil, gas & electricity) to private investment and competition. The goals of the energy reform are very ambitious, and the implementation of the reform is already greatly affecting the Oil & Gas sector in several ways that companies in the oilfield chemicals/drilling fluids (OFCs/DFs) market should be aware off in order to set strategy to tackle the new market opportunities.

Mexico's demand for drilling fluids will thus be increasing rapidly as exploration and production of its oil and gas resources are stimulated by the Mexican energy reform.

The course will provide an understanding of the fundamental drilling fluids types and technical properties and will then address issues related to the Mexican supply chain with emphasis on supply/de-mand drivers and major market trends, the arrival of new oil and gas players that could generate new investments and growth across the entire sector, suppliers capacities, service company providers, operators and regions they serve, key customers and logistics aspects such as where and how are drilling fluids produced or imported (terminals/trains/trucks/etc.).


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Course Staff

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Mauricio Davila
(Course Coordinator)

As Co-founder and Managing Director of EnerChemTek, Inc., Dr. Mauricio Dávila oversees all management activities of the company, including the firm’s natural gas/LNG and petrochemicals technical advisory services, as well as all the web-based services such as an online corporate training platform (EnerChemTek Academy), and interactive databases, market simulation models and polyolefins process technologies (EnerChemTek Analytics). Mauricio has more than 20 years of experience and has been recently a technical advisor devising feedstock and raw materials purchasing strategies for North American petrochemical players, and has advised in four different international projects involving evaluating the global natural gas/LNG value chain from source to final consumer for utilization in the oil refining, power generation, industrial, and transportation sectors in North and Latin America.

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