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Drilling Fluids Chemicals
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Intended for people interested in knowing more about chemicals used in drilling fluids and drilling operations.
Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

The purpose of this webinar series is to provide a complementary element for training, competency enhancement and professional development to a select group of individuals who work adjacent to drilling fluids within a corporation and would like to know more about them.

Drilling fluids, also referred to as drilling muds, are in general heavy, viscous complex fluid mixtures including polymers, crushed rocks, chemicals and additives that are used in oil and gas drilling operations.

Nowadays, the drilling fluids business is a complex operation run by corporations with a dedicated group of engineers, chemists and other professionals who specialize in the chemistry and use of drilling fluids for specific drilling needs and applications. In fact, the successful completion of an oil and/or gas well, both technically and cost-effectively, depend to a great extent on the properties of the drilling fluid.

This particular series on Drilling Fluids Chemicals consists of a sequence of five weekly audio-visual presentations or seminars conducted online that are broadcasted through a web-conferencing tool.

Topics that will be discussed during the five seminars include:

• Introduction to Drilling Fluids

• Types of Drilling Fluids and Composition Determination

• Water-based Drilling Fluids Chemicals

• Oil- and Synthetic-based Drilling Fluids Chemicals

• Specialty Chemicals in Drilling Fluids

Individuals can login to join the weekly webinar from any location with an internet access and the format is interactive so that webinar attendees can participate with comments or questions that can be answered in real-time or, alternatively, answers to questions can be provided at the end of each seminar.

For those potential attendees who cannot attend one of the weekly segments, each of the webinars presented will be recorded and uploaded into our learning platform so that you will be able to watch and listen to it online on demand anytime, anywhere, 24x7.


This course series is for those who work adjacent to drilling fluids and would like to know more about them.

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Matt Miller, Ph.D.

(Course Instructor)

Matt is a PhD chemist, with more than 15 years of technical experience in the oil and gas industry. He is known for product development and his ability to manage projects from inception to completion on time and within budget. Dr. Miller's specialization is in chemicals for industrial fluids.

• Has a PhD in Chemistry from Texas A&M University

• Worked at Halliburton in Drilling Fluid Product Development for 9 years

• Worked at Newpark in similar roles for almost 5 years

• Managed the Product Development group for 2 years

Course Staff Image #2
Mauricio Davila, Ph.D.
(Course Coordinator)

As Co-founder and CEO of EnerChemTek, Inc., Dr. Mauricio Dávila oversees all management activities of the company, which involves the firm’s Expert Knowledge on Demand Services in the energy, natural gas/LNG and petrochemicals industries.

These services consist of an Ecosystem of Three Modular Web Applications:

• EnerChemTek Talent and Consulting on Demand

• EnerChemTek Academy which is our online corporate training platform

• EnerChemTek Analytics, which includes interactive databases, market simulation models and polyolefins process technologies.

Mauricio has more than 20 years of experience and has been recently a technical advisor devising feedstock and raw materials purchasing strategies for North American petrochemical players, and has advised in four different international projects involving evaluating the global natural gas/LNG value chain from source to final consumer for utilization in the oil refining, power generation, industrial, and transportation sectors in North and Latin America.

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Enrollment is Closed